Cycling Tips for Beginners That You Can Give On Your Radio Show

There are numerous Canadians who ride bicycles and those numbers are expanding constantly. This makes it the perfect opportunity to talk about cycling on your radio show. Without a doubt, a lot of your listeners might be interested in learning to cycle, or purchasing a new bike for themselves. If you want to make your radio show a hit, there is no better time than now to talk about cycling. We recommend you to start with the basics. With an ever increasing number of riders on the trails and streets, these tips for beginner cyclists will enable you to attract and even increase your listeners.

Cycling Tips for Beginners That You Can Give On Your Radio Show

  1. Secure your head. Head wounds are the reason for 60 percent of all cycling deaths in Canada consistently. A considerable lot of these deaths could be prevented if everybody wore a head protector such as a helmet while cycling. Continuously wear a head protector when riding and ensure your children do too. Many states have bicycle helmet laws, yet you ought to dependably wear one regardless of the possibility that you don’t have as well.
  2. Try not to pedal in high speed for longer periods of time. You need to attempt and keep your rhythm in the vicinity of 70 and 90 rpm’s. When you pedal on a high speed, it puts included strain on your knees.
  3. Utilize your gears. When climbing slopes change into a gear that will keep your rhythm in the correct scope of rpm’s so you can make it up the slope without putting undue pressure on your knees.
  4. Get a legitimate bicycle fit. Having your bicycle set up to fit your body will make riding considerably less demanding, more proficient and cause you significantly less agony and soreness amid and after the ride.
  5. Get the correct seat. Getting the correct seat will have an enormous effect when riding. Don’t believe that getting the thickest cushioning possible will give you the most comfortable ride. A longer seat with a cut out will be the best kind of seat. Read reviews on the web and discover what others like, at that point, test ride a couple.
  6. Change position while riding. Move your hands around on the bars, and move your backside around on the seat. This will keep your hands, arms and back from getting numb because of staying in the same position for a long time.
  7. Get a bike computer for your bike. Adding extras to your bike can make the experience more enjoyable for you. You can find the best bike computer and get it installed on your bike. This computer gives you digital readings which can come in handy, especially when you’re a beginner.
  8. Try not to ride with earphones on. It can be to a great degree hazardous on the off chance that you don’t hear an emergency vehicle or different disturbances behind you or off to the side. On the off chance that you need to have music, get a little clasp on radio with a speaker that you can connect easily.
  9. Know the rules. Stay alert while you ride and comply with all street signs. Keep an eye on all the cares around you so that you know what direction they plan to go in.

Become A Sports Radio Personality

As a sports lover, there’s a lot you can do other than just playing. Did you ever think of becoming sports radio personality? It is a great opportunity where you host shows and talk about sports on the radio. Likewise, you provide commentary during the series. You get to explore more about your favorite games. Plus, you get a chance to interview sports personalities, athletes, or coaches. If you are giving it a thought, you need to learn about the role of sports radio personality.

Read the step by step guide that would aid you to get started:

Develop An Understanding Of Sports:

First be particular about the sports. You could go for one of the types such as baseball, basketball, football, et cetera and you would have to possess extensive knowledge about that very sport. You can get the insight about the game by following your favorite team and analyzing professional sportscaster. Reading articles, giving opinions, and discussion with friends can be of assistance as well.

Chicago Bull Championship ring

Let’s say you are a basketball fan and want to be the radio personality for this sport; you can watch the leagues of National Basketball Association. Get to learn about the players who have won NBA championship rings or Chicago Bull Championship ring. These rings are fascinating, and everybody would want to have one. Originals are almost out of reach, but you can show your love with the basketball by getting the replica rings. They look exactly like the original pieces and totally fall in your budget. To find the price and types of these rings, access and get to know about all the fancy and top-notch quality of NBA Championship rings.

Get A Bachelor Degree:

Formal education from college or university develop the skills you need in later life such as interpersonal skills, computer skills, reading, and writing skills. There are very fewer chances that you earn this job without a bachelor degree as this job is competitive. A degree program in broadcasting, journalism, or communication would let you experience various sound equipment and computer software. Having this means you have learned about audio production, TV, and radio announcing, media research techniques, and broadcast writing. More the knowledge is the more opportunities for the job.

Gain Radio Experience:

It would be great if your college has its own radio station. Take full advantage of it gain on-air experience. It would be instrumental in your career in radio as you learn to take interviews of athletics. Once you are passed out of your college, seek an internship in a local radio station. Doing that you develop contacts with professionals in the industry, and they often become your mentors. Do not skip the entry level jobs as there is a lot to learn at this stage as well. You can add work at every level to your portfolio.

Join A Professional Association:

Professional associations are a way to the opportunities in larger markets. Join such associations and develop contacts with professionals. Avail the memberships of National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and Hall of Fame Museum. Their memberships are offered to both students and practitioners. Members can have access to online directories and forums. Moreover, you get a chance to attend award ceremony events. Open yourself to learning when you get around a bunch of professionals. These are the things that make you ready to step into the next phase of time.


The job of sports radio personality is easier said than done. Except for the knowledge of the sport, you would be required to have excellent communication skills whether you are doing commentary or hosting a show. We hope the guidelines discussed above will help you reach your final decision.…

Did Your Online Radio Station Leave You With Bad Credit?

Becoming A Radio Host Made Easy

Starting an online radio station is a lot harder than most bloggers and even radio stations make it seem.  One of the things that no one ever tells you about starting an online music channel is the cost.  It is far more expensive than you might have initially thought.

The gear like hardware, software, mixers and other gear you need is already expensive enough but then you also have a lot of monthly expenses to cover like your server cost, monthly bandwidth, listener caps, media management, DJ and radio hosts, not to mention the cost of your broadcasting license and company registration.  It is so easy to underestimate the cost of starting a radio station and to be stuck in a pickle where you simply don’t have enough cash in your account for your debit orders to go off and to cover all of your creditors.  To top it off, the chances are pretty good that you may have to borrow even more money to cover additional costs like staffing and more.

If you take all of these expenses in consideration then it is probably no surprise that most radio hosts that start an own radio station fall into bad credit.

But the good news is that every single online radio station owner that is currently still live and active made it through these tough times and survived despite challenges.

And if they can make it, so can you!

So how do you recover from bad credit?

Bad credit is absolutely terrible for business.  You cannot get a credit card, you cannot get a cellphone contract and the chances of getting another loan are pretty slim.  If you do manage to get a loan the loan amount is usually far less than you need, the interest is much higher and you have to deal with a lot of nasty attitudes.  It is much better to get your bad credit sorted out so you can enjoy more benefits and get your business the gear and improvements it needs when it is time for expanding.

One of the best ways to get out of bad credit is to use a credit repair company.  Here is exactly what a credit repair company can do for you;

  • You will get a good analysis of your present credit situation
  • All unnecessary bad credit reports linked to your name will immediately be removed
  • You will get the best advice on getting your bad credit solved
  • Remove collections, late payments, repossessions, liens, charge offs, bankruptcy and judgements from your reports

How to find the best credit repair company

There are quite a few credit repair companies out there and many of them are superb in service and charge surprisingly little for their services.  This can make it tough to decide on the best company for your problem. Your Credit Blogis a terrific review blog that you definitely should check out right now if you are looking for the best credit repair company.  The review site includes detailed reviews on all of the best credit repair companies, basic service costs as well as website links.

With the help of these credit repair companies you can claw your way out of bad credit much quicker and give your online radio station the best possible chance at survival.…

How to Properly Do News Report on Radio

If working on radio has always been your dream then you know that this is the moment when your dream can come true. The only problem is, you do not know how you are going to do it effectively. If this is your first time, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you know the proper tips to do news reporting, then you will be fine.

One tip to remember is to report the news correctly. You do not want people getting the wrong idea about the report just because of the words that you have used. You need to make it as clear as possible. If you are looking for some inspiration, you can take a look at Philadelphia 3.0 and how they report about the things that people are interested to know. If you can make people interested in what you have to report too, then you will feel more confident about reporting.

News Report

These are the steps you may want to remember:

  1. Make sure that you will gather all of the needed details in order to make your report. You want to report something factual on radio. People will be listening to your every word. The moment that you make a mistake, you know that they are going to hear it. Your report should be clear and should be made up of words that people will understand immediately. Do proper research. You may come across details that are wrong. You do not want to be called out if you give out wrong information about what you are reporting.
  2. You can visit the scene where the event happened. This will give you first-hand experience about what you are reporting. It is true that people will not be able to see what you have seen but you can allow them to imagine through the words that you are going to use.
  3. If there are some people who are involved with the event that you are going to report, you may invite them at the radio program or you can get their statements in order to make their role in the report clearer.
  4. You can double check the report that you have written. If there are some things wrong with your grammar or your sentence construction, fix them immediately. Once again, the clearer your report is, the better it would be for listeners of the program.
  5. When you are already reading your report, do not read your report too fast or too slow unless you are emphasizing certain details about what you are reporting. People will immediately know if there are some details that you do not want them to forget by the tempo of your report. Read clearly and your voice should be loud enough to be heard. Of course, the right radio equipment can help take care of this issue but nevertheless, you should make an effort to read your report well.

With all of the tips that you have learned, do you think that you are ready to start reporting news on radio?…

Superfoods That Everyone Should Hear About

The word ‘superfood’ seems to be making headlines at most health and fitness websites and blogs that you follow.  All health radio stations are buzzing about the benefits of superfoods but why exactly is it important to hear about superfoods? A superfood is basically a food source that is rich in nutrients.  Superfoods are terrific for boosting your immune system, health and well-being and are an absolutely fantastic food source to add to your diet if you are planning on losing weight.  The reason why superfoods are fantastic for weight loss and bodybuilding is because your body will still get all the vitamins and minerals it needs even though you are cutting back on your food.  Superfoods mean less fatigue, more energy, a stronger body and better immune system even though you are following a strict diet and counting calories like crazy.

Superfoods That Everyone Should Hear About

The top superfoods that you should include in your diet

There are a lot of terrific foods out there that are considered to be a superfood because of their high nutritional value.  Here are the top superfoods you should be listening for:

Golden Berries

This golden fruit originates from South America.  It is frequently used in food recipes and have recently been labeled as a superfood because it contains more antioxidants, reduces inflammation, improves your immune system, boosts your vision, improves your liver, stimulates kidney health, helps control blood sugar and more.  The golden berry is definitely a snack that you can add to your diet if you are planning on partaking in some tough workouts.  You can check out to learn more about this superfood as well as other terrific organic foods that is bound to boost your health.

Moringa powder

The Moringa oleifera tree is also known as the drumstick tree and is one of the best superfoods to include in your diet.  You can eat various parts of this tree including the leaves, flowers and seeds but the easiest way to consume Moringa is in powder form because it gives you a much higher concentration of nutrients.   Moringa powder has many health benefits to your body and is terrific because it is said to have 25 times more iron than spinach, 17 times more calcium than milk, 0.75 times more vitamin c than oranges and much more.  The powder is also terrific for weight loss and is an absolute must for boosting diet results.


If you need a snack then Almonds is a terrific choice because it is the nut that is the richest in calcium and it contains high levels of vitamin E, protein and more.

Broccoli Rabe

If you want to stay younger for longer then this is the superfood to enjoy.  Broccoli rabe contains a lot of potassium, iron, calcium, fiber and vitamins and is terrific for slowing aging, strengthening bones, reducing the risk of Alzheimers and stroke and much more.


Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that is terrific for brain health, weight balance and for a boosted immune system.…

The Complete Recording Studio Equipment List

People are setting up studios in their houses, probably the bedrooms, and you’re probably wondering how they do it. The truth of the matter is that you just need to know the equipment that you’re going to need, purchase the equipment, and you’re good to go. If you have no idea about the equipment that you’ll need in your studio, fear not, because we are going to look through most of the equipment that you’ll need for the recording studio in this article. You can be a newbie or a person that already owns a studio, but we hope that this article is going to be useful to you. The evolution of studios is usually in the following format, bedroom studio, dedicated home studio, semi-pro studio and the pro studio. The equipment of the studio could vary depending on the type of studio that you’re thinking of, although the more progressed studios just tend to have the same equipment but with more advanced features, and at a higher price. Check out the studio equipment list below:

The Complete Recording Studio Equipment List

Home Studio

  • Computer – Being that almost all recording nowadays is digital, the first thing that you would need to get started is a computer.
  • DAW – This is the digital audio workstation that includes things like software that is used to record, edit and mix music. They come in various brands and with different price tags and features.
  • Audio Interface – These are used to provide all the necessary connections to send music into the laptop when recording and back out when done. They could include digital conversion, mic preamps, DI boxes, headphone amps and monitor management
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Studio Monitors – Unlike normal speakers, these studio monitors are aimed at providing a perfectly FLAT frequency response, so engineers can hear a mix as it truly is.
  • Cables
  • Microphone Stands
  • Pop Filter – Whenever we pronounce words like ‘P’, there is a burst of air from our mouths. Pop filters catch that blast of air before it hits the diaphragm of the mic.

Canon XH-G1s 3CCD HDV Camcorder

When in the studio, some of the other equipment that you could need are camcorders, and that is why in this article, we are going to review the Canon XH-G1s 3CCD HDV Camcorder. This is for professionals after lightweight, handily-sized high performance camcorders. It comes with the industry standard HD-SDI, Genlock and Time Code IN/OUT, all SMPTE compliant, and a wide range of image parameter controls makes the XH G1S a leading choice in the category.


  • Genuine Canon 20x HD video zoom lens with Professional L Series Fluorite; Independent Manual Focus. Zoom, and Iris Ring
  • Three 1/3-inch native 16:9 CCD with 1.67M pixels (1440 x 1080); 1080 HD resolution with choice of 60i, 30F, and 24F frame rates
  • Canon DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor
  • Complete Customization: Image adjustments, display adjustments, custom functions; Nine custom presets and two custom keys
  • 8-inch Widescreen LCD (207,000 Pixels) and 0.57-inch Color Widescreen EVF (269,000 Pixels)


Now you know all of the recording studio equipment that you need to get started. Remember, you don’t have to start out big, and can simply get the lower end equipment, upgrading over time as you gain more experience. When it comes to the camera, don’t hesitate to go for the Canon XH-G1s 3CCD HDV Camcorder.…

Ways to Get People to Listen To Your Radio Adverts

Radio advertising is one of the best ways to market and advertise your products and services simply because the listener doesn’t really have a choice but to hear about your company when the advert is played on live or online radio.  Radio advertising is the best way to promote products and services in your area.  But that doesn’t mean that radio advertising is cheap.  You will be paying a lot for those few minutes of live broadcasting and that means that you really need to do what you can to make every second count.  Here is how to get people to listen to your radio adverts.

Ways to Get People to Listen To Your Radio Adverts

Write a good and captivating advert

Take your time to write a good advertisement that will capture the listener’s attention and put the focus on your product or service.  If you can work some humor into your advert then that will be fantastic because humor is the best way to get people to actually listen to your adverts.

Get a voice over expert to do the recording

Plenty of radio representors are willing to read your adverts on live radio for you.  While they may have great representing talents they often aren’t that good at creating a good advert that will suit your exact needs and the advertising sessions often sounds dull and rushed.  Get a voice over expert to do your advert for you. These experts have great sounding voices and they have the right software that they use to add other sounds like background noises, songs and other sound effects to make your advert come to life.

Buy advertising space on the best time

The best time to promote a product or service on live radio is when most people are driving to or from work.  This is the time where everyone is listening to the radio station even if they aren’t allowed to listen at work and it is thus also the best time for your advertisements.

Save the adverts on podcast

The great thing about radio adverts and about using a voice over expert is that you can use the recording for a long time to come in podcast form. Podcasts can be sent via messenger apps like WhatsApp to your entire contact list or on email for marketing purposes.  You can also share the podcast on your social media pages and even on your webpage where people can listen to your wonderful advert.

Use Advertise World to get more people to take note of your services

Advertise world is a wonderful company that you can use to get more people to listen to your radio adverts or podcasts.  This advertising service creates unlockable ads and posts these adverts on your and other relevant web pages.   These Image Ads are specially designed to capture the eye and to lure as many feed to your webpage as possible.  When someone clicks on your ad they will immediately be redirected to your webpage where they can listen to your radio advertisement or podcast.  This is a great way to get those that don’t tune in on that particular radio station to also take note of your wonderful advert as well as the wonderful products and services that you provide.…

Interesting Topics To Talk About On Your Radio Show

Do you host a radio show but frequently run out of interesting topics to talk about? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Food

Everybody eats. It’s that simple. Food is compelling to the point that TV long prior made sense of how to make entire channels in view of only eating and cooking and discussing nothing but food. Food is a window into identity and culture. Here are some topics to give you an idea:

Bizarre Food You Ate At Someone Else’s House. The One Thing You Eat Every Day. It’s Not Christmas Without _____ On the Table. The One Food You’d Trade for Sex. On the off chance that You Could Only Eat Five Things For Rest Of Your Life… et cetera et cetera et cetera. Nourishments That Should Never Be Together. Your Dog Licked It You Still Ate It. Truly. Food can truly be the best thing ever to discuss.

Interesting Topics To Talk About On Your Radio Show

  1. Shelter

Everybody sleeps somewhere. Keeping shelter as a foundation for your discussion, you can turn in innumerable directions. Haunted Houses are a conspicuous October subject. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about:

Who’s Crashing On Your Couch, My Ex and I Still Live Together, Lived In My Car/Tent/Camper/Workplace, The Nastiest House You’ve Ever Been In, Redneck Yard Décor, and one of our very own faves: No One Is Allowed To Come To My House – those were some intriguing individuals to converse with.

Tune in, you totally need to converse with a person who has 23 deer heads mounted on his lounge room walls. Particularly when that person reveals to you each of their names and what his ex thought about them.

  1. Relationships

Family, friends, companionship, co-workers, neighbors. Individuals tend to group in packs, correct? Individuals hang out with and are often identified by the people they spend time. Like each of our other topics, relationship-based themes are additionally effectively made topical.

What about Married But Don’t Live Together or A Job Keeps Us Apart or even, My Love Is Totally Confused By America. So much uncommon substance can be mined from connections – Met And Married In A Single Weekend. He Cheated On Me With My Own Mother. Collaborators Who Give You The Creeps. I Secretly Love One Kid Best. My Neighbors Probably Hate Me Because _____. I Saw It At Walmart.

On the off chance that you come up short on approaches to converse with audience members about the relationships in their lives, you may be in the wrong business. Which, coincidentally, may rouse you to accept approaches I’m Secretly Afraid That I’m Really Terrible At My Job.

  1. Politics

Politics has been around for decades now. Has it gotten old now? Nope, certainly not! There’s current affairs and new things happening each and every day in every part of the world. The whole political circle is being impacted by different events and conferences. New presidents are being elected, some are resigning, some are corrupt and some are just too damn lazy! There’s so much to talk about; both good and bad!

Topics include My Favorite Political Figure, Why Trump Got Elected, The Contributions of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, The Best Political Era, The Hottest Political Debate and so much more!…

Ways You Can Speak Your Mind on Radio

Speaking your mind is something that you have always wanted to do but cannot because you fear that by doing it, you are going to become hated by a lot of people. When you work on radio, you are expected to speak your mind about different things that are considered to be interesting by your listeners. If you are required to speak about love then you may do it. If you are required to speak about politics then you may do that as well.

If there is one person who speaks his mind, it is Mark Dubowitz. He is the founder of the FDD or the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He speaks about timely events done by world leaders as well as the implications of certain words and actions to the world. If you can do what he does, you will be surprised with how free you would feel. Besides, you need to know how to speak your mind for your job.

Ways You Can Speak Your Mind on Radio

In order to speak your mind, there are some tips that you ought to remember such as the following:

  1. Do not start with big topics that may be too much for you to handle.

You can start with small things that you believe in. This is especially true and helpful if you consider yourself to be a shy person. You do not need to just blurt out what your thoughts and emotions are especially when it is not needed. Rather, you can just practice speaking your mind to people that you trust a little at a time. For example, if your partner asks you to have dinner at a restaurant that you dislike, tell the person that you would rather eat somewhere else. These small things can build up your confidence to speak your mind little by little.

  1. Stay calm.

It is important that while you are speaking your mind, you will not forget to be firm. Even if you are experiencing a lot of emotions, the moment that you raise your voice, the person that you are arguing with will start to tune out or also raise his/her voice. On radio, when you start to become engulfed with your emotions, there may some listeners who will transfer to another station because they think that you are reacting too much about the given issue or topic that you have to talk about.

  1. Write what you want to say.

If you suspect that you are going to be a bit anxious once you go on air, you can create notes that will allow you to remember the things that you have to say while there are people who are listening to you. You do not have to write down everything because if you do, then you will sound robotic. Just place key points so that when you start to talk, it will sound more relaxed and natural.

Writing can be effective too if you want to vent out about something just remember not to write on social media wherein everyone can see what you are thinking about. Stick to writing on your own notebook that you can keep. You will feel better and you did not spread your negativity to others.…

Ways to Make Radio Advertisement Work for You

There are many mediums of advertisement and radio is just one of them.  Since when it comes to radio you will never lack audience, it can be a powerful advertising media. As much as when it comes to radio it depends on the product you are advertising, there are very many other factors that will determine the success of your advertisement. They include:

Content of the ad

It is important to articulate the words in an ad well in order to get the right attention of the right people. This is where creativity comes to play. The content should not be too long or too short and it should also be able to communicate effectively to the audience. The content will depend on the product being advertised and the market niche.

Ways to Make Radio Advertisement Work for You

Tone of the ad

As much as the content of the ad is very important, the tone is equally important. It is the tone that will attract the interest of others in your ad. Make sure that you choose the right tone to make sure that you get the right audience for your ad.

Know your target market

Yes, knowing the target market is very important. By knowing your target market you can be able to customize your ad according to the needs of your target market. It is only by customizing your ad according to your audience that you will be able to get their attention. What works for a certain market niche may not necessarily work for the other.


Different locations will determine the ad. Smaller towns or cities make it very easy for an ad to succeed as compared to big cities. Hence if you are in a big city you will have to invest more to make sure that your ad is successful.

Choice of radio station

Some radio stations have higher success rates than others. This is because some radios have more followers than others though this may not be permanent. It is due to this reason that different stations have different charges for their ads. It is therefore important to choose the radio station you are planning to run your ads well as it has a big influence on the success of your ad.


With the right strategies, radio advertisement should be able to yield you success. There is no limit to what product you can run on your radio advertisements. For example if you have landscape photography for sale you can as well advertise it on radio and it will be successful. Contrary to popular belief, photography does not have to be advertised on visual media for it to be successful. Since people like audio and the human mind is wired to be interested in complicated things other than straight forward things, advertising photography on radio will get interest because it will look complicated. There are customers who will go check out on the sale because they heard about it on radio.…