Become A Sports Radio Personality

As a sports lover, there’s a lot you can do other than just playing. Did you ever think of becoming sports radio personality? It is a great opportunity where you host shows and talk about sports on the radio. Likewise, you provide commentary during the series. You get to explore more about your favorite games. Plus, you get a chance to interview sports personalities, athletes, or coaches. If you are giving it a thought, you need to learn about the role of sports radio personality.

Read the step by step guide that would aid you to get started:

Develop An Understanding Of Sports:

First be particular about the sports. You could go for one of the types such as baseball, basketball, football, et cetera and you would have to possess extensive knowledge about that very sport. You can get the insight about the game by following your favorite team and analyzing professional sportscaster. Reading articles, giving opinions, and discussion with friends can be of assistance as well.

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Get A Bachelor Degree:

Formal education from college or university develop the skills you need in later life such as interpersonal skills, computer skills, reading, and writing skills. There are very fewer chances that you earn this job without a bachelor degree as this job is competitive. A degree program in broadcasting, journalism, or communication would let you experience various sound equipment and computer software. Having this means you have learned about audio production, TV, and radio announcing, media research techniques, and broadcast writing. More the knowledge is the more opportunities for the job.

Gain Radio Experience:

It would be great if your college has its own radio station. Take full advantage of it gain on-air experience. It would be instrumental in your career in radio as you learn to take interviews of athletics. Once you are passed out of your college, seek an internship in a local radio station. Doing that you develop contacts with professionals in the industry, and they often become your mentors. Do not skip the entry level jobs as there is a lot to learn at this stage as well. You can add work at every level to your portfolio.

Join A Professional Association:

Professional associations are a way to the opportunities in larger markets. Join such associations and develop contacts with professionals. Avail the memberships of National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and Hall of Fame Museum. Their memberships are offered to both students and practitioners. Members can have access to online directories and forums. Moreover, you get a chance to attend award ceremony events. Open yourself to learning when you get around a bunch of professionals. These are the things that make you ready to step into the next phase of time.


The job of sports radio personality is easier said than done. Except for the knowledge of the sport, you would be required to have excellent communication skills whether you are doing commentary or hosting a show. We hope the guidelines discussed above will help you reach your final decision.…