Make Money from Radio Stations by Doing Voice Overs

Radio stations are usually not the type of businesses that pay others.  These are the type of companies you pay to air your commercials so you can populate your company and boost sales.  The only ones that usually earn from radio stations include the radio staff and technicians.  But there is one other way in which just about anyone can earn a good income from just about any radio station.  And the best part is that you can earn money while working from home by simply becoming a voice-over artist.

Make Money from Radio Stations by Doing Voice Overs

Make Money from Radio Stations by Doing Voice Overs

What exactly is a voice-over artist?

When you turn on the radio station there is quite a lot of information broadcasted live.  Some of this information includes news and traffic feeds, music and radio shows.  But the broadcasts that are critical for the survival of a radio station are the advertisements.  Companies pay broadcasters to mention their products, company name and to air radio commercials.  A voice-over artist is a person that brings these radio commercials to life with their voice and by editing the recording so it will become interesting, engaging and memorable.

How to become a voice-over artist

Becoming a voice-over artist is a bit trickier than simply grabbing your smartphone and making a recording.  You do need quite a bit of skill to master this form of voice acting and to edit the recordings.  The first thing you need to do if you are interested in this career path is to get voice over training online.  Work with leading voice over coaches, get all the latest information on voice over jobs and learn exactly what gear you will need to start making your own voice-overs.

Of course, you need your own gear

No work from home job comes without a certain amount of input and investment.  You will need the required recording gear like a microphone, headset, editing software, computer and more to get started in this lucrative job sector.

Create recordings for your portfolio

No one is going to hire you if they don’t know what you sound like.  The next thing you need to do before you start applying for jobs is to create a portfolio that features various examples of your voice-over work.  People can listen whether they like your voice and style to see if your voice overs will match their company.

Apply at all radio stations

The great thing about voice overs is that you can do it from home but what is even better is the fact that you are not restricted to local customers at all.  You can apply your voice over talents at radio stations across the globe and even sign up for voice over sites where you can work on a freelance basis for people across the globe.

Doing voice overs is an incredibly fun job.  You can work from home or anywhere else for that matter and plan your working hours at times that suit your family best.…

Equipment You Need to Start an Online Radio Station

The internet has taken the world by storm, and nowadays everything is being done online. Gone are the days when people had to get information from books and magazines, gone are the days when people had to go out to stores to shop, gone are the days when people had to make their airline, hotel and travel booking physically. Everything is available online nowadays and people have turned to the internet due to the convenience that it offers people. Most people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, accessing the internet, and that is the reason why providers are trying to make their goods and services available online. This also goes for radio stations. People are streaming online and this has led to the rise in the number of online radio stations. In this article, we are going to look at the equipment that you need to start an online radio station.

Equipment You Need to Start an Online Radio Station


This is the first thing that you’ll need since you’ll be sending a lot of time online. The computer is supposed to have audio input, output, and USB ports, as well as broadcasting software. Below is a list of some of the other equipment that you will need for your online radio station:

  • Broadcasting Software: You will need software that you will use to broadcast. There are many software’s out there and it is up to you to decide what works for you best.
  • Microphones: There is a wide range of microphones for you to choose from, whether you’re after entry level to professional.
  • Processors: You’ll need microphone processors for amplification and equalization to improve audio.
  • Broadcasting Desks: Audio systems for multiple channel management.

Emmanuel Transport

As the online radio station grows, there will be a need for you to go and look for bigger premises as you expand. This is because you might need to hire more staff and also get more equipment. We understand just how expensive studio equipment can be, and that is why we are now introducing Emmanuel Transport. There are many dangers that you could face if you choose to transport the equipment yourself such as breakages due to poor packaging, others becoming damaged. That is the reason why it is important to use the services of professional movers like Emmanuel Transport.

Companies like Emmanuel Transport will guarantee that your studio equipment will arrive the destination safely, and to guarantee that, they only take payment after they have delivered successfully. Why else would you transport your things if they have such offers?

Why Use Emmanuel Transport

  • No Depot to Depot Charges
  • Fully Insured
  • Affordable Prices
  • Experienced

Things to Note:

  • No Depot to Depot fees
  • There is a $55 call out fee
  • There’s a two-hour minimum on each move
  • Each truck is fitted with trolleys, blankets, ties, and other accessories
  • 5% surcharge will apply to Eftpos transactions
  • A fuel surcharge of $3 P/5KM will apply for distances longer than 30km from pick up to drop off
  • Cancellations of less than 48 hours will incur a two hour plus GST fee
  • Extra-large or heavy items such as pianos, pool tables, large stone or marble table must be notified at booking


You can now go ahead and start your online radio station in your home without the worry of moving to a bigger place as you go. You can start off with simple equipment and as you grow, change to the more sophisticated ones. When you’re ready to move to a bigger studio, call in a mover and have them transport your equipment safely for you.…

The Best Décor Ideas for Your Radio Studio

A lot of online music channels and radio stations are starting to pop up everywhere.  This is a good thing because it means that more young entertainers are fulfilling their dreams of starting an own company.  It also means that listeners are bound to find a music channel or radio station that serves their unique interest, their music preference, culture and genre.  Competition is also superb for getting better service delivery and so advertising fees will be more affordable.  If you have a successful radio station or online music channel then you can definitely give yourself a pat on the back.  The journey to starting your own channel was a tough one for sure.

The Best Décor Ideas for Your Radio Studio

The importance of a superb looking studio

It is important for studio managers to create an appealing work environment for the entire team because a happy workplace results in much happier and more positive live shows.  The overall appearance of your studio is one of the biggest things that can affect work enjoyment and it could affect sales if your customers don’t find your studio appealing.  Up next we are going to share some cool ideas to make your studio come to life;

The wall of fame – A wall of fame is a superb way to inspire investors and customers to stick with your channel.  Do you have some major successes?  Are you qualified?  Do you have a broadcasting license?  Then get these framed and mounted on a wall of fame.

Retro records – Another good wall art idea is to reuse old music records with covers by creating a collage wall.  This can create a superb image for your studio.

Lighter is better – A lot of radio stations make a huge mistake by setting up a studio that is too dark.  Lightness and bright colors like light blue, energetic orange and lime green is superb for combatting depression and for creating a fun office vibe.

Wall stickers – A quick and affordable way to improve a plain wall is by sticking a nice and big wall decal onto it.  Consider suitable signage like ‘on air’ ‘listen’ or perhaps a few interesting quotes.  Perhaps a music silhouette can be a good way to improve your wall.

Cozy guest area – One of the best ways to keep your listeners interested is by interviewing interesting figures live on air.  Create a cozy guest area so those you interview will also enjoy a good experience.  A cozy lounge in the studio with a nice coffee bar is a simple but superb way to keep guests entertained and to create a good vibe for your office.

Glass paneling – Radio broadcasting is something that creates curiosity amongst listeners.  They often wish to know what broadcasters look like, to see what the studio setup look like and it is tremendously interesting to see these creative voice experts at work.  A great way to lure more engagement to your channel is by replacing your studio wall with a large window or glass panel. Anyone that passes by can watch your team in action.…