Managing Your Community Radio Station

Through the ages, with the advancement of technology, we have invented newer and better devices, while saying farewell to the old ones. However, it seems the radio refuses to die out. It has seen a lot of improvements, from being handheld to being integrated into our cars. We’ve grown used to the morning radio host chat while we drive to work. However, what goes behind those voices isn’t always fun and easy. It can get incredibly hectic managing your station, especially when it runs for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Managing Your Community Radio Station

Managing Your Community Radio Station

You must work at a steady pace and for attainable goals. It is necessary to know what your limitations are, and how to correctly pool your resources to achieve your target. This is more applicable to community radio stations, which are dependent on volunteers.

Here are some tips to help you manage your community radio station:


Marketing might seem like it’s a waste of money especially when your station doesn’t get much funding. Therefore, you put it off for another day when you have more resources. Meanwhile, your station is unnoticed by many potential listeners and sponsors. A community radio station has to serve the community and marketing is the best way to do just that. Furthermore, it maximizes your chances of finding a potential sponsor.

Even with limited resources, it can be very effective. Encourage your listeners and volunteers to tell their friends about it. Host a bunch of competitions on your shows to ensure more people tune in every day. Give away some free merchandise, like T-shirts, keychains, window stickers etcetera. Place advertisements in your local newspapers and magazines. The most important part is an active social media presence, this will keep your station on the map.

Human Resources Management:

Managing your staff as well as volunteers, while ensuring they get proper training and are satisfied with the organization is demanding. Human resources management include recruiting the best team, drawing up fair contracts, enforcing disciplinary actions and ensuring the health and safety of the staff. A good station has to be a good employer. It is recommended to invest in a professional employer organization. This helps in reducing HR costs and ensures healthy employee-employer relationship. One such company is Alliance who offer a bunch of PEO services, like their payroll services, Florida. Studies show any organization can cut HR costs to 30% while using payroll services as compared to in-house management.

Hiring these guys means you can focus on your next target or collecting sponsors. It’s a modern way of managing your human resources. They will oversee all payment plan, and keep a record of your employees, their wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes. Using such a professional service will ensure no payroll errors occur because employees can be sensitive to them. Your employees and volunteers will be satisfied with the organization, guaranteeing that they will not seek out other opportunities.  Therefore, you won’t have to waste your resources in recruiting and training new ones.

Partnership with other Radio Stations:

Those radio stations that are far enough to give you no competition are a good potential for a partner, no matter their size or nature. Building a healthy relationship with a more prominent radio station means they could potentially provide you with training, support, resources, and programs. In addition, they will help you gain a broader audience as well as introduce the community you represent to a larger scale. You could, in turn, provide them with talent, volunteers or programs. Such collaborations will not only grow your business but also give your community the recognition it deserves.