Guide to Being a Good Guest on A Radio Show

Being invited to a radio show as a guest is a big thing – not only is it a great honor, but also a huge responsibility. Check out these helpful tips:

Guide to Being a Good Guest on A Radio Show

1) Never EVER cancel – Your host and the show have paid you a HUGE compliment by welcoming you. Unless being truly sick or a storm ought to keep you from showing up, particularly finally when your host can’t get a trade for the time opening. The host might pay for broadcast appointment or podcasting support, and on the off chance that you cancel ultimately they will be screwed over thanks to the bill regardless of the fact that you don’t make it. Try not to request that “reschedule” a live appear.

2) Be early – Be prepared for your appearance 10 minutes before the starting time. That way, you will have enough time to accept the call from the station or dial in (this can take up to a moment or more), take into account re-dialing if there’s an awful connection the first run through, and get arranged – all without feeling confused. In a live appear, it’s to a great degree ungainly if the host needs to blather on for the initial 5 minutes slowing down for a late visitor. Furthermore, you can barely make an incredible impression in the event that you enter the show short of breath muttering expressions of remorse.

3) Have a decent telephone connection – Today most Internet radio and podcast shows are led with the visitor bringing in over a phone line. Hence, the nature of your phone connection is significant. Try not to bring cellular telephones, remote headsets or speaker telephones – the sound quality is normally loathsome, and calls too effectively drop. Some VOIP connections are risky, as well, and can bring about “digitized” sound. Turn off call-holding up.

4) Share useful information – Your guests will love to hear details about your personal life and what not, but at the same time, they will subconsciously be looking for any piece of information that would be useful for them. To do so, share something useful with them. You could tell them about the consequences of global warming or you could talk about the benefits of using water softeners. You could even tell them to read Water Softener Reviews on

5) Have a single page of notes – List your key focuses in projectiles on a single sheet of paper, with the goal that you won’t overlook anything essential. Why a single page? Since audience members can hear you stirring papers. Also, nothing adds to your weight like frantically chasing through 7 sheets of paper while individuals are sitting tight for your answer – a few moments feels like an unending length of time.

6) Take a breath, please – Answer an inquiry for a sensible length (close to, say, 3 minutes). At that point stop. This permits your host to lead the discussion, build up a fresh pace, and keep the show on track. In the event that you talk relentless for 5, 7, 10 minutes on a single topic, this could compel the host to in the end interfere with you mid-sentence. Besides, exchanging voices forward and backward is all the more fascinating for audience members.

7) Speak “carefully” – Pay regard for every word that leaves your mouth. Articulate words totally. Stay away from “fillers” -, for example, um, uh, ya know – by being careful.…

Why Every Radio Host Needs To Consider Yoghurt for a Meal Replacement

Most radio hosts works in shifts which is sometimes great because you get to spend time with family but it can also be quite distracting when your shifts are constantly switching.  As a radio host you need to be in great shape, mentally and physically so you can be packed with creative and witty things to say to keep the attention of all of your fans.  But it can be tough to stay positive and witty when your energy levels are low or when you just don’t feel that good or when your day is so packed there is hardly enough time for a healthy snack.

Yoghurt is quick and filling

One of the best reasons for radio hosts to use yoghurt as a meal replacement is the fact that it is a meal in itself because it is so filling and it is quick.  You can just grab a tub of yoghurt on your way out the door and be ready for anything that traffic and life can dish your way.

Why Every Radio Host Needs To Consider Yoghurt for a Meal Replacement

Top reasons to get your own yoghurt maker

Store bought yoghurt is delicious but it is also loaded with a lot of added sugars, preservatives, colorants and flavorings that is unhealthy for your body.  By making your very own yoghurt you can control the amount of sugar and additives the yoghurt contains and thus create a much healthier instant meal for your demanding job.  A Cuisinart yoghurt maker  can also save you a lot of money because it is much more affordable to make your own yoghurt than it is to buy store bought yoghurt.  The yoghurt makers are incredibly easy to use and take up very little space in your home.

Make tons of different dishes with yoghurt

With a yoghurt maker you can create tons of different flavored yoghurts and combine fruits for tons of different dishes.  You can create wonderful health meals, delicious smoothies or bake delicious yoghurt cakes.  The possibilities are endless and you can entertain your friends and visitors so much better by supplying them with a greater variety of snacks you can find out more information at

Lose weight and improve health with yoghurt

Yoghurt is great for prepping up radio hosts because it has a lot of health benefits such as;

Better skin – The natural bacteria in yoghurt boosts your skin’s condition and eliminates unhealthy bacteria that cause skin rashes and acne.

Boosts immune system – Yoghurt contains a lot of probiotics, vitamins and minerals which is fantastic for boosting your immune system so you will feel a lot healthier.  You can also work out much more effectively in the gym since the probiotics in yoghurt boosts recovery.

Energizer – When your immune system functions better and when you enjoy a power breakfast like yoghurt on the go you will feel fuller and much more energized.

Lose weight – Using low fat yoghurt to replace junk food meals is great for helping you lose weight and build strong muscles so you can look and feel fantastic all day and every day.…

Replace Broken Radio Equipment with a Same Day Loan

Radio representation is a fun business to be in.  The environment is quick paced to ensure that everything runs smoothly and a lot more people are involved in handling the program and technicalities to ensure that each day goes as smooth as possible than you might think.  When you listen to a radio station you may always hear just one or two voices of radio host but an entire team is scrambling to create the perfect broadcasting program for you.  Only the best technical gear is essential to ensure that radio stations function properly.  A sudden virus or damage to some of the gear could be devastating to a radio station.  All radio stations should befriend a company that can provide same day loans.  With a same day loan they can easily get out of any tight situation instantly and provide their listeners with the best possible service.

Replace Broken Radio Equipment with a Same Day Loan

What is a same day loan?

A same day loans is an amount of money that you can loan and receive money the very same day.  The companies who provide same day loans usually allow you to apply for the loan online and will then process the application.  You will receive an answer for your loan approval instantly and you will receive the loan amount the very same day.  You don’t have to travel from one location to another; you don’t have to scramble around to get the right documents and you don’t have to wait long periods for your approval.  Everything is handled instantly online.

The best company for instant same day loans

Instant Lolly is one of the best companies that you can trust for all of your emergency situations.  Their online application method is incredibly easy and fast.  They are experienced in quick loans such as payday loans or same day loans and they are incredibly fast at processing the loan applications and payouts.  They are also open seven days a week and offer relatively low interest rates and allows you to pay your loan back during a period of 1 – 18 months so you can still operate and live comfortably.  They are the best credit brokers for any quick cash need that you may have.

Use your loan for anything you like

When your same day loan has been approved, you don’t have to explain where the cash is going.  You can use the money for a raise for all the radio staff, repaint the office, replace old gear at the radio station or repair broken devices instantly.  You can also choose the repayment duration.  If you can afford to pay the loan back within the next day, you are welcome to do so or if you prefer a low monthly premium over duration of a year or more then you can arrange your payments exactly that way.  A same day loan is the perfect backup for any rainy day and is also a great solution for those who want to make consistent improvements to their offices and businesses without feeling too burdened by an overly large loan.…

Becoming A Radio Host Made Easy

There are a lot of people who thought that the radio would die because of the appearance of other gadgets that allow people to listen to the music that they love all the time but somehow, it is different when people have various radio jockeys that they love listening to because of their stories and of course, their voices.

Have you always wanted to become a radio jockey? You may be a mortgage broker or you may have a profession that is very much different from being a radio host but it does not mean that you cannot change careers. There are even some people who are already middle aged who suddenly decide that they would like to change their current careers. Sometimes, people just learn what they want when they have already reached the age when other people would expect them to settle down. Life does not always turn out to be this way.

Becoming A Radio Host Made Easy

If you would like to become a radio host, there are different things that you have to remember so that you can become the host that you have always wanted to be.

  1. Get to know what type of radio host you would like to become. Do you want to become a radio presenter? Someone who works in AM radio? Perhaps you want to be someone who delivers the news to people. You can decide what type of host you would like to be and decide from there.
  2. It will help if you already have some experience in doing radio. For instance, you may have done some radio stints before. Even if you were just guesting, this can help because at least you already have an idea about how being on air feels like. It can also help if you have professional training in doing radio.
  3. Create some demo tapes that you can submit to radio stations that you would like to work for. If you are good, there is a chance that you will be contacted. You may need to undergo training before you will be admitted to the show.
  4. For some radio stations, they would require you to have a degree that is connected to becoming a radio host before you will be given a spot in their shows. Do remember that if you are new, you have to start small. You may not have your own show immediately because this may be a responsibility that is too large for you to handle in the beginning but after some time, when you prove yourself worthy to have your own show, you know that it will all be worth it.
  5. Develop your voice. If you already have a good voice then you still have to improve it so that it can be perfect for radio. If there is one thing that is common with people who work in radio, they all have good voices.

It does not mean that just because you have been hired to become a radio host, you will just let your skill become stagnant. You would have to improve the skills that you need in radio to improve and become better.…

Have the best tanning bed session of your life

When winter and spring have come to a close, hopefully the sun will start coming out a bit more. After the long months of experiencing little to no sun, your skin will most likely be pale and clammy. This not really a good look and people want to have bright and rosy skin that looks like you are full of energy at all times of the day. There are many different tanning options that you can use to replicate a good sunbathing experience. Some of the most common methods of getting a great looking tan are to use a spray tanning service, use fake tan lotions or to use tanning beds.

If you decide to go with the tanning bed option, you need to ensure that you take all of the pros and cons into consideration first. One of the more concerning drawbacks of using tanning beds on a regular basis is that there is going to be an elevated chance of you getting some form of skin cancer in your lifetime.

If you still decide to go ahead with the tanning bed option, there are a few different things that you need to take into account beforehand. Some of these things include what the best tanning oils are and what sort of protective eyewear you should be using, such as the great products from the folks at Here are some useful tips that will help you along your tanning bed journey.

Have the best tanning bed session of your life

Using the right intensity tanning bed and for the right duration

When it comes to starting out using a tanning bed, you need to start off slowly and learn what your limits are and where your optimal level of tanning is at. If you have pale skin that burns very easily, you will be best off starting at the lowest intensity tanning bed as possible for a maximum of five minutes, as you determine how much you can handle.

Each time you go you can gradually increase the amount of time spent in the bed or at what intensity you use. This stops you from getting badly burnt after staying in a bed for too long. This is the last thing you want to happen, as you will have to walk around looking like a tomato for a few weeks!

The clothing you should be wearing

When it comes to using a tanning bed, you should be naked. This is due to the fact that if you are wearing any form of clothing, you will have tan lines around the perimeter of the area in which the clothes are covering. Some people prefer to wear a bathing suit when they are using a tanning bed for a few different reasons.

One of the biggest reasons that people prefer not to be naked is because they don’t like the idea of lying somewhere that another person has previously being lying naked. If you deal with a reputable tanning salon, they will ensure that the beds are properly cleaned after each time it is used.…

How to Get Rid of Bees From Home

When you think of pests that can cause damage and hassle in your home or business bees are not the first thing to come to mind, they are known as the caregivers of the world pollinating flowers and keeping the human race alive. Not the type of insect you’d suspect would do any harm.

You may be wondering what type of damage bees can do to home and business but if you’ve already faced this threat you won’t need reminding. Bees can be hazardous for several reasons, stinging aside they can create noise disturbances in your home, destruction from creation of large invasive hives or burrow into walls and wood causing damage.

How to Get Rid of Bees From Home

The first step is identifying the threat so you can better solve the problem, there are several species of bees that can affect your home and business in different ways (some more aggressive and invasive than others).

A little known fact is some bee keepers would be happy to take colonies off of your hands, all they would require is a small fee for transportation to your location. Keeping in mind the hive has to be easily accessed and in good condition for consideration, check out this site for more information on that.

Carpenter bees: The first species of bees to keep an eye out for that cause damage through burrowing into wood and walls as I mentioned above and leaving internal damage. Not a threat in numbers generally however you’ll have to pay for their removal as well as rectifying any damage they cause to internal structures.

Honey bees: these are perhaps the most invasive and problematic although less common than other species and becoming less and less of a threat as the years go on. If you find this species in your home the last resort may be relocation in extreme circumstances.

While they may not contribute major damage in most cases keeping to themselves, their numbers can increase to the thousands causing noticeable havoc in your home/business environment.

The charge to remove a colony of honey bees can be anything from $200-500 depending on number of workers and size of the hive and removal of the hive later (attic removal is more compared to external hives) so as not to attract more bees to the area. Price also varies depending on how high the nest is off the ground so factor this in when gathering up funds to pay.

Most companies will recommend removing bee’s lives as they are a crucial part to the insect and animal ecosystem and vital to life, in most cases this is what will happen otherwise you’ll need to pay for extermination which starts at around $300 and goes up from there. Some companies will also charge per hours: approximately $100 per hour factoring in other costs and considerations such as size, condition of hive and removal.

This is only the case if the hives has become extremely invasive and a problem to remove without damaging the bees. It’s not illegal to kill bees as commonly thought just unethical and a last resort in situations like this.…

Important payroll tips to keep in mind for your business

In this day and age, people have access to highly advanced software that can measure variables down to minute levels. However, there is always going to be certain things that cannot be measured and need to be completed by a human. As a business owner, there will be stresses and problems constantly arising on a daily basis. One of the bigger headaches that a small business owne faces is looking after payroll services in Australia.

There are so many details that need to be looked after and it can detrimentally affect other parts of the business. Unless you have an accountancy degree or relevant experience, it can often be a wise option to outsource your payroll needs. This will save you time, energy and money in the long run. If you still want to look after your payroll requirements by yourself, here is some advice that will help you through the process.

payroll tips

Make sure that you have a set pay period

There is no point being inconsistent when it comes to your payroll system. Your employees need to be paid on time every single period. This allows them to plan out their expenditures for the period and work around their pay day. If you fail to keep on top of your payroll system, this will inevitably lead to people having missed pay.

When your employees are not being paid on time, they will start to become unhappy and less productive as a result. They may even contemplate leaving for another business. Always look at the calendar and plan ahead. If a pay day falls on a bank holiday, make sure that you pay your staff earlier rather than later, as people will be relying on this money.

Use quality payroll software

Investing in quality payroll software can be a life saver. It can be equally as bad if you invest in poor quality software. This really streamlines a lot of the mundane parts of the process and also gives you a lot of analytics that you can use to increase your efficiency. It can eliminate a lot of the grunt work that takes up time. When you are constantly focusing on the payroll system, you will not be spending enough time on other parts of your business.

Always create and issue regular pay slips

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to issue hard copies of payslips or electronic copies, but you need to inform your employees that they have been paid and the exact breakdown of the payment. This gives you a hard record if someone disputes how much they have been paid or any other potential problems that may crop up. You should always try to issue these pay slips before you pay the wages, as this gives the employees time to notice any potential problems or mistakes that are present, so they can be quickly rectified in advance. This saves both yourself and your employees a potential headache.…

Superfund for Scholarships Related to Communication Arts

You may think that just because you have submitted your scholarship application to study in order to become a radio DJ someday, it already means that you will be one of the lucky ones that will be picked. This is not the case at all. You have to remember that colleges and universities go through a lot of scholarship applications and there are instances when they would reject some applications right away. How sure are you that your applications will not be rejected? You have to make sure that your application will stand out.

At this point in time, you may be thinking that if only you have checked out self-managed super fund beforehand, you will not be having this problem anymore of having to submit scholarship applications to your college and university of choice. Yet, this is the only option that you have available so you need to make the most out of it.

Superfund for Scholarships

Here are some tips that can help you stand out from the rest of the students who have also submitted their applications:

  • Apply for Scholarships that You Qualify For

You have to remember that when it comes to scholarships, you need to make sure that you have read the requirements that are needed by students before they can submit scholarships. You cannot expect that you can get a basketball scholarship if you do not play basketball. Do not worry because you will always find scholarships that you are qualified for. Following this tip will increase your chances of getting picked.

  • Fill up the whole application form.

You may think that it will be alright if you just write down all the needed information on the application form for your scholarship but this is the time when you should remember all the things that your teachers have told you beforehand which is to make sure that you will write down on all of the spaces that you are required to fill up.

Remember that not filling up the application form or not following directions will cause your application form to be rejected and of course, this is not something that you would like to happen to you. Read the instructions thoroughly so that you will not make any mistake. Get to know more about that here.

  • Make your application as neat as you can.

You may think that neatness will not count when it comes to submitting applications but this is not the case at all. Remember that your application will only stand out in a bad way if it would not look neat. Your handwriting must be legible and you would need to avoid having some erasures especially at the essay part of your application.

Remember that your essay part is also very important. You may think that the officials are not going to read what you have said but they actually do this in order to filter those who deserve the scholarship from those who do not. Even if you do not like writing, making an effort to create good essays will be worth it in the long run.

Your scholarship application being granted may be your only chance to have the education you would like to get so make the most out of it.…

Top Tips for Radio Presenters

To (mentor somebody to) end up an effective radio jockey; invest the vast majority of your energy in these things that positively affect your radio TV career. Here are the best practices for radio characters, moderators and abilities with an aspiration.

voice actors

You need to give individuals motivation to hear you out (and not to your rivals), on 2 distinct levels:


  • Determine your essential picture (are you the ‘newsy’, ‘entertaining’, “big name” or ‘more music’ show inside of your timeslot?) and give your crowd an advantage that nobody else offers yet (e.g. in case you’re a station for 35-54 year-olds and perceptual exploration demonstrates that a contender as of now possesses the “news” picture, you could make another classification and claim neighborhood news)
  • Define your general state of mind (are you the left, family-accommodating demonstrate that is continually taking a gander at the brilliant side, or the traditionalist, folks just home base that is remarking from a negative point of view?) and ensure that it fits the psychographic profile of your intended interest group
  • Make your imaging interesting to sound essentially not quite the same as others, and let it coordinate your picked picture and state of mind and additionally make an incredible climate reporting in real time


  • Develop your own personality (are you the sound grapple, the witty storyteller, the mingling big name or the tight muscle head?) and ensure that what you say and how you say it affirms that without fail, so you will be known for your own particular style
  • Have your own USP that makes you celebrated for something (e.g. Edwin Evers [interview] made his imprint by impersonating VIP voices)
  • Make your name endless by doing a major trick, extraordinary advancement or philanthropy occasion two or three times each year (as the late Kidd Kraddick encouraged to do one thing for every quarter that your audience members recollect, and one thing for each year that makes you legendary)

Here are a few more tips for you to help you on the sidelines:

  • Keep it short. A few individuals tend to meander when they get broadcasting live and they wind up giving truly long replies. Short answers are quite often better. Make your point, hit it hard, say what you need to say, and stop. Let the host lift it up from that point.
  • Have an alternate career too. Just because you’re a radio presenter doesn’t mean that that is all you need to be. You can take up on another career too e.g. you can become one of the bookkeepers melbourne or even a data entry specialist. It doesn’t matter what you become but it’s a good idea to have something on the side.
  • Slow it down. The vast majority who haven’t been broadcasting live a great deal tend to talk much too quick. Moderate it down, take somewhat more time when you talk, and articulate. Attempt to talk more like John Wayne and less like an 8-year-old child when the frozen yogurt truck drives by his home.
  • Vary your tone. Unfortunately, it for the most part does not make a difference what you say on the off chance that you can’t say it in a way that hobbies individuals. Change your tone, hurl in a few stops, speed up a bit, and back off. On the off chance that you listen to professionals such as Rush Limbaugh, you’ll hear them do this always. That is a piece of the reason they can keep a crowd of people bolted for 3 hours.

How to Use Radio for Publicity?

When starting a business, there are a variety of things that you need to look after, be it quality control, obtaining financing or tax return. One area that needs special attention is the promotion and publicity of the products or any developments in the business. Radio is a splendid and effective avenue for publicity.

Radio for Publicity

How to Communicate with Radio Stations?

Radio falls under the category of broadcast news. It is more immediate than print media. So, make sure you get details of your news story to the outlet before it becomes old news.

For radio news, you need to offer a spokesperson that can speak to a reporter or interviewer. Preferably, it is best if you speak to the reporter yourself.

The most effective way to communicate with broadcast media is to provide them with a news release. A news release is a document that gives information on the particular matter or product that you wish to highlight.  You also need to make sure that you nominate your spokesperson in that news release.

How to Send a News Release?

If you want to publicize a particular product or matter related to your business on the radio, you need to find out about a contact person in the newsroom. Generally, this person is the program producer. There are many services and programs that collect the contact information of popular journalists and producers. These services cover radio programs, magazines, newspapers as well as television news. They charge a subscription fee for per year.

On the other hand, if you have already chosen a certain radio station, you can find their phone number online and ask questions to the receptionist. The receptionist is likely to tell you to whom you should send your news release.

A smart choice would be to send the news release a couple days prior to the occasion, or before you would like your story to go on air, and then follow up with a phone call one day before the program and again on the day of the airing.

How to Prepare for Radio Interviews?

Some radio interviews are conducted over the phone, while others require the interviewee to come to the radio station. There are certain things to keep in mind when going for a radio interview.

  • If it is a telephone interview, make sure you are sitting in a place that is quiet and does not have any massive distractions.
  • Take some notes before the interview and have them ready in front of you, so that you do not get nervous when the interviewer asks you a question. You can include pauses. It is also important that you speak confidently.
  • Keep your tone conversational. If the interviewer asks you a detailed and complicated question, try to answer it in simple terms; as if you are talking to someone you are very close to. Remember that your audience would not be familiar with all the terminology.
  • It is also helpful to practice some answers with your friends and family members prior to the interview.

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