How to Use Radio for Publicity?

When starting a business, there are a variety of things that you need to look after, be it quality control, obtaining financing or tax return. One area that needs special attention is the promotion and publicity of the products or any developments in the business. Radio is a splendid and effective avenue for publicity.

Radio for Publicity

How to Communicate with Radio Stations?

Radio falls under the category of broadcast news. It is more immediate than print media. So, make sure you get details of your news story to the outlet before it becomes old news.

For radio news, you need to offer a spokesperson that can speak to a reporter or interviewer. Preferably, it is best if you speak to the reporter yourself.

The most effective way to communicate with broadcast media is to provide them with a news release. A news release is a document that gives information on the particular matter or product that you wish to highlight.  You also need to make sure that you nominate your spokesperson in that news release.

How to Send a News Release?

If you want to publicize a particular product or matter related to your business on the radio, you need to find out about a contact person in the newsroom. Generally, this person is the program producer. There are many services and programs that collect the contact information of popular journalists and producers. These services cover radio programs, magazines, newspapers as well as television news. They charge a subscription fee for per year.

On the other hand, if you have already chosen a certain radio station, you can find their phone number online and ask questions to the receptionist. The receptionist is likely to tell you to whom you should send your news release.

A smart choice would be to send the news release a couple days prior to the occasion, or before you would like your story to go on air, and then follow up with a phone call one day before the program and again on the day of the airing.

How to Prepare for Radio Interviews?

Some radio interviews are conducted over the phone, while others require the interviewee to come to the radio station. There are certain things to keep in mind when going for a radio interview.

  • If it is a telephone interview, make sure you are sitting in a place that is quiet and does not have any massive distractions.
  • Take some notes before the interview and have them ready in front of you, so that you do not get nervous when the interviewer asks you a question. You can include pauses. It is also important that you speak confidently.
  • Keep your tone conversational. If the interviewer asks you a detailed and complicated question, try to answer it in simple terms; as if you are talking to someone you are very close to. Remember that your audience would not be familiar with all the terminology.
  • It is also helpful to practice some answers with your friends and family members prior to the interview.

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