How to Get Rid of Bees From Home

When you think of pests that can cause damage and hassle in your home or business bees are not the first thing to come to mind, they are known as the caregivers of the world pollinating flowers and keeping the human race alive. Not the type of insect you’d suspect would do any harm.

You may be wondering what type of damage bees can do to home and business but if you’ve already faced this threat you won’t need reminding. Bees can be hazardous for several reasons, stinging aside they can create noise disturbances in your home, destruction from creation of large invasive hives or burrow into walls and wood causing damage.

How to Get Rid of Bees From Home

The first step is identifying the threat so you can better solve the problem, there are several species of bees that can affect your home and business in different ways (some more aggressive and invasive than others).

A little known fact is some bee keepers would be happy to take colonies off of your hands, all they would require is a small fee for transportation to your location. Keeping in mind the hive has to be easily accessed and in good condition for consideration, check out this site for more information on that.

Carpenter bees: The first species of bees to keep an eye out for that cause damage through burrowing into wood and walls as I mentioned above and leaving internal damage. Not a threat in numbers generally however you’ll have to pay for their removal as well as rectifying any damage they cause to internal structures.

Honey bees: these are perhaps the most invasive and problematic although less common than other species and becoming less and less of a threat as the years go on. If you find this species in your home the last resort may be relocation in extreme circumstances.

While they may not contribute major damage in most cases keeping to themselves, their numbers can increase to the thousands causing noticeable havoc in your home/business environment.

The charge to remove a colony of honey bees can be anything from $200-500 depending on number of workers and size of the hive and removal of the hive later (attic removal is more compared to external hives) so as not to attract more bees to the area. Price also varies depending on how high the nest is off the ground so factor this in when gathering up funds to pay.

Most companies will recommend removing bee’s lives as they are a crucial part to the insect and animal ecosystem and vital to life, in most cases this is what will happen otherwise you’ll need to pay for extermination which starts at around $300 and goes up from there. Some companies will also charge per hours: approximately $100 per hour factoring in other costs and considerations such as size, condition of hive and removal.

This is only the case if the hives has become extremely invasive and a problem to remove without damaging the bees. It’s not illegal to kill bees as commonly thought just unethical and a last resort in situations like this.

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