Spreading Cancer Awareness Through Radio

There is so much cancer in the world today than there was a few years ago. Cancer is now the number one killer disease in the world. This is because of sedentary lifestyles and environmental degradation among many other factors. There are also many people that don’t know much about cancer, they are wallowing in ignorance and maybe knowing about it would help in reducing the rate of cancer. To curb the ignorance about cancer, there are a lot of educational campaigns about cancer that is needed to bridge the gap and one of the ways is through radio. Radio can help in the following ways:

Providing education

There is a lot of education that is needed to be spread across about cancer. People need to know that it is a lifestyle disease and is mainly caused by the kind of lifestyle we live. Sedentary lifestyles are known to be notorious in causing cancer. And that is why people need to make exercise part of their routine and eat healthy foods preferably organic food. Red meat and animal proteins is also unhealthy, more plant proteins should be taken instead as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits. Junk foods and processed foods should be avoided at all costs as they are unhealthy for our bodies. People need to be educated on their diets and lifestyle choices.

healthy lifestyle

The environment has a big influence on our bodies and people should be educated on that. Environmental degradation has led to the depletion of the ozone layer which has led to emission of more radiation on the earth which is the major cause of skin cancer. This is what most people don’t know about. With more knowledge they will be able to take care of the environment more to reduce the rate of pollution and environmental degradation which will help in reducing the depletion of ozone layer.

People need education on the importance of going for screening. If the cancer is discovered early still in the early stages then it can be treatable. If cancer is s=discovered in the later stages then it is hard to be treated since it is advanced. Going for screens regularly like yearly will help in discovering the cancer if it is there early and this will help in treating it.

Providing information

Radio can help in providing information on the places offering screening which can help people to know where they can go for screening. It can also help in providing technological advancement news on cancer which can help one to stay informed on the latest innovations. For example it can help in communicating about the new innovation discovered by True Health Diagnostics which not only screens your body but also tells you the chances of you getting cancer. This is a very good innovation as it will help you to be more cautious of your lifestyle choices if you have a high chance of getting cancer. It can help you to work closely with your doctor as well.